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Phil Capron

Phil Capron

Advisor/Partner - NorPac Properties - RiverCity Holdings Group

Phil purchased his first property in 2010 in Norfolk, VA while honorably serving in the United States Navy as a Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC). While he enjoyed jumping out of planes, shooting machine guns, and practicing small unit tactics with Navy SEALs and other Special Operations Command operators, he realized in that first purchase that real estate was something he had a passion for and committed to pursuing it further when his time in the service was over.  He took a real estate license course while still in the Navy and upon separation from service in 2012 immediately went to work selling his buddies from his old unit homes as they transferred to Virginia from other duty stations. Upon working with a real estate investor, Phil recognized the opportunity to capitalize on his new skill set and began flipping houses with one of his Navy teammates. 5 years and 30+ flips later, he was ready to create real wealth and dove head first into his first multi family acquisition, a 14 unit property in Norfolk. One year and approximately 200 units later, he is a full time multi family acquisitions specialist. Phil prides himself on creatively finding win win solutions for complex problems, and credits his time in the military with his tenacious no quit attitude and commitment to teamwork and delivering on his promises as a buyer.



Keller Williams & Sotheby’s Realty- Realtor

  • Helped dozens of clients buy, sell, and invest
  • Used his access and expertise to find the best possible flips for his team


EliteVBHomes Inc, Perennial LLC- House Flipper

  • 30+ Flips
  • Raised over $2,000,000 to fund projects


Amun LLC- Acquisitions Manager

  • Contracted and closed an extremely complex split site portfolio containing 109 units
  • Assembled a dynamic team of experts to tackle the complex repositioning of these assets including the areas #1 residential real estate broker, a commercial broker with 30 years experience, and a Class A Contractor
  • Properties appraised for $1,550,000 above purchase price “as is”
  • Directs and manages $500,000 in renovation across the portfolio
  • On pace to raise NOI of the portfolio 50% over 24 months
  • Raised $1,150,000 in capital for the acquisition of this project


Norpac Properties LLC

  • Contracted 82 rental units in Richmond, VA
  • Raised $600,000 in equity
  • Assembled an all star team to conduct $500,000 in renovations in order to drastically reposition the asset and improve the overall neighborhood
  • Partnered with local law enforcement to create a safer neighborhood for families

Looking Forward

 Phil & the Norpac Properties team show no signs of stopping anytime soon and are aggressively partnering with trusted professionals nationwide to acquire an additional 300 units by 2020.  They actively seek out complex problems that others shy away from. In order to accomplish this goal, they are seeking  properties that are 40-100 units in growing markets requiring physical and management overhauls.